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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are Your ALT and TITLE Tag Modifiers Working?

ALT and TITLE tag modifers. Have you heard about them? Do yours work?

They should be!

To check the TITLE tag modifier, place your cursor over the image on your post. Your source (which you put in your TITLE tag modifier) should appear.

In addition, GOOGLE is never an appropriate source. Look for the original source. Google always provides it and you must use the original source NOT Google!

To check the ALT tag modifier, go to W.A.V.E. (Web Accessibility Tool) and paste in the url for your blog. Green tags should appear next to all your images.

The use of these two tag modifiers has been a requirement since Blog post #2. If you do not have these working, learn from third graders in Mrs. Yollis' class. See p. 12 of the Activities Instructions.

You must have them working for all your posts by next week. We will check them in class. In addition you must know how to write the code to create a link in a comment. You will be tested on this in class next week. Practice!

In addition, you MUST have your picture on your blog. It must be a head shot of you and you alone! If in doubt, use the one I took.

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