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Monday, September 15, 2014

A Lot Missing

Missing Posts. Have you seen them?

There were three posts due yesterday at midnight:

Blog Post #4

Project #15 (Search Engines)


How many students did not post their work by 6 am this morning?

Blog Post #4 - 6 (not too bad based on historical figures)

Project #15 (Search Engines) - 23 Not so good (20%)

C4T#1 - 43 Terrible (36%)

Why so many missing projects?

Since this is the first time you have had a project due and also the first time C4T had to be posted, I will allow you to post C4T#1 and Project #15 by Wednesday midnight and give you one quarter the penalty you otherwise would receive. If not corrected by Wednesday midnight the regular penalties for late or missing work will apply.

Blog Post #4 is not affected by this extension of time with a modified penalty.


  1. I thought that it would be the C4K#1 this week?

    1. The C4K is supposed to be a monthly update on the blog. You can start it now and put your first one on it. If you look at the master checklist, you'll see that we were supposed to do the second comment for our first C4T. When you look at the projects pdf, you'll see that once we do the second comment on the same teacher, we need to make a post on our blog.