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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

C4K Joins the World Blog Challenge - Revised 3/27/12 at 12:58 pm and at 6:57 pm

World Blog Challenge

For the next 3 weeks C4K will engage EDM310 students as mentors in the WORLD BLOG CHALLENGE sponsored by Edublogs. You MUST read the post Info For First Time Visitors on the Student Blogging Challenge website BEFORE you do the C4K assignment for this week (and the next two weeks)! Follow all appropriate links on the Student Blogging Challenge site to make sure you know what you, as a mentor, are supposed to do and how you are to do it.

You will leave comments for your student as shown on the C4K Doc for 3 straight weeks (3 different comments). PROOFREAD Your comments. Express interest. Be supportive. Ask questions. You could suggest a post they could write after you check out their hobbies on the student participant’s page. You could also share some of your experiences in blogging.

I was told that all of these students are seniors in high school. This appears to be incorrect. We have some 7th graders assigned to us for sure. So ignore the grade level shown on the C4K Doc. CORRECTION: I thought the column with 12 in it was the grade. WRONG. It is the age. So most of you will be reading 7th graders' blogs. Another Strange mistake. We all make them. The important thing is to find it out and make the correction. If you are afraid to make mistakes you will accomplish far less than those who do and correct their mistakes. (But not those who do make mistakes and don't correct them!)

Many of these students have been blogging longer than you have. Some are beginners. All are mastering the skills of blogging and commenting as I hope you are.

In there appears to be a problem with your assignment, send me an email immediately ( For example, if your student has not made another post by your visit in Week 2 (or Week 3), let me know and I will provide instructions about what to do. My thinking now is to set up a reserve list. Information will be posted on the class blog when I figure it out.

You are representing EDM310. Represent us well!


  1. Dr. Strange,
    I am a little confused on the C4K assignment. Are we supposed to join in the World Blogging Challenge? They are in week 4 this week is the only reason why I am asking.

  2. Do we need to join the World Blogging Challenge?

  3. G'day EDM310 class,
    The students assigned to you are all 12 or 13 years old. As a mentor, you don't have to join the challenge but if you wish, you could add a bit about yourself on the mentor's registration page

    Thank you all for leaving comments. Some students might not write many posts especially with spring break and Easter being in these first few weeks. It will also depend upon how much time is given in class for students to take part.

  4. G'day John,
    Just compared my list to your list and you have only assigned the 12 year old students. I have also highlighted now the extra 12 you added to your list.

    Most of these students will be grade 6 or 7 middle school students in America.

  5. LaWana: No. I have joined the World Blogging Challenge for all EDM310 students as a group.

    All EDM310 students. I have revised this post once again. Read the two comments immediately above from @tasteach (Miss Sue Wyatt, the founder of the Blogging Challenge). You might want to follow her on Twitter.

  6. Dr. Strange, I really think this is going to be a great opportunity to get some first hand experience with students before we actually enter the classroom. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Dr. Strange, are we still supposed to email our c4k comment to edm310c4k each week or is it enough to just post the link in our blog at the end of each month? I don't want to flood your email with unnecessary mail.

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  9. G'day Dr Strange and students,
    Here is a link to an quality comment written by one of your students Brooke.