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Thursday, March 29, 2012

IMPORTANT MESSAGES about C4K Blog Challenge

3 weeks


You CANNOT do all three C4K comments at once. You MUST wait until next week to do #2 and then wait until at least April 9 to do post #3. The kids do not leave a post a day. And maybe not even a post a week. If that happens, I will have a substitute for you. Send me an email.

This assignment is a THREE WEEK ASSIGNMENT.


Several students have said their kid has only one post, or they have only an old post. What do I do? The answer is Encourage them to post again. Asking them a question and telling them you are eager to read their next post might do the trick. You are their mentor. How would YOU encourage more posts where you CANNOT REQUIRE them to post?

1 comment:

  1. G'day Dr Strange and students,

    Over the Easter break, I will be visiting each student blog and any that I can see have not written a post in the month of March 2012, I will be deleting from the list.

    Hopefully they should all have an 'About Me' page where you can leave comments.