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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Midterm Evaluations

bar set high

You have evaluated yourself and I have reached a tentative evaluation for all EDM310 students. My assessments are incomplete because:
• They do not include evaluations of all assignments due Friday 3/9 or Sunday 3/11. I have only data on whether they were completed by Sunday midnight or not
• I have not consulted the Lab Assistants
• I have not thoroughly examined the records to see if some assignments we show as NO (Not Having Been Done) are now Late. Late is better than No, but not by much.

I will send an email today 3/16 to all students whom I have assigned a D or an F at midterm requesting that they meet with me to discuss the differences in our evaluations. Perhaps my records are wrong. Perhaps these students don't understand that all work must be submitted on time and if there is a pattern of Late or Not Done work you will get a D or an F.

HOWEVER, I have not set an appointment if you gave yourself a D or an F and I agree with that assessment. If any of you wish to meet with me, send me an email requesting an appointment.

I also have not set appointments for the 10 students who did not complete the questionnaire which automatically results in a grade loss of one letter. In this case it just lowered Ds to Fs.

There was more discrepancy between my grades and student grades than ever before. Here are the data.

My Grades
A Superstar - 2
Total 126

Self Assigned Grades
Did not complete questionnaire - 10 (automatic D or F in all cases)
Total 126

85 students gave themselves a grade that was within one grade of the grade I gave them or equal to the grade I assigned.
29 gave themselves a higher grade than I did.
51 agreed exactly with me.
I gave 5 students a higher grade than they gave themselves.

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