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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update on Podcasts, Forms and Groups

Podcast Groups
Because 4 students have dropped EDM310 I have altered the Podcast Group for some of you. You can find the revised Podcast Group in your Google Docs (Students - How to Contact ...). You will find more information about Podcasts in a post on the Class Blog tomorrow (Friday). I will indicate the chapter(s) of Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire for which each Podcast Group will be responsible. I will also provide some additional Podcast instructions, changes in the Podcast due date and how to get a copy of the book for your group if needed.

Forms Groups
You also need to be in a larger group to do the Forms Project. The Forms Group to which you have been assigned can also be found in the Doc Students - How to Contact... . You will find more about the Forms Project in the Instruction Manual and in a post to the Class Blog either late tomorrow (Friday) or early Saturday and an accompanying Doc.

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