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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Several Important Updates

Lab to be Staffed Saturdays 1-6 pm Starting June 11
Starting next week the Lab will be staffed every Saturday from 1-6 pm EXCEPT Saturday July 9, 2011

Blogger is Insisting That Some Posts Are Spam
Blogger and Google have declared a war on spam which, in my opinion, is much too aggressive. Several EDM310 students have reported that comments they have left on other students' blogs are not appearing. EVERYONE must check for spam. The instructions are in the Instruction Manual but I will summarize what you must do - NOW - and at least every other week.
1. Go to your Dashboard in Blogger
2. Click in the bottom row on Comments
Instructions Picture
3. You will go to a page that looks like this. Click on the Spam tab
Instructions Picture
4. If you see any posts in this SPAM area that are not spam and which need to be posted, click on the small box on the left of all that are Not Spam. Then click (at the top or bottom) Not Spam. The posts will then appear on your blog.
Instructions Picture
If you are leaving a comment that is NOT appearing on a student's blog: contact them, by telephone or Gmail, and ask them to follow the instructions in this post. I am certain they will find that your posts have been mislabeled as Spam by Blogger.

A number of you have begun to Tweet! Great! Be sure to follow @drjohnhadley (me), all of the lab assistants (see the syllabus for their Twitter names), and the people on the list linked to through the Instruction Manual. Following the right people is the most important part of Twitter.

In addition, follow #edm310. The # sign is essential. It is like a folder in which I place all tweets I want all EDM310 students to see, read, and act on. Follow other members of the class as well, especially the students in your group. You now have a Doc that lists all students, their phone numbers, Gmail addresses, group number, and Twitter names. If I do not have your Twitter name, send it to me by Gmail. The ones I have I got from tweets of those following me.

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