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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Next Stage in Using Twitter

You should now add additional to those you are following. I have added a document to your Google Docs listing 80 people whom I suggest you follow. Find them. Follow them.

You should also be following me (@drjohnhadley) and all the staff (see the syllabus).

You should also watch/follow #edm310.

If you spot a Tweet you want everyone in EDM310 to see, retweet it and add #edm310 on the end.

Next week we will expand your use of Twitter even more.


  1. Are any of these people on the highly recommended Twitter list from other continents? Or tweeting in languages other than English?
    I follow several ed tech folks in Spanish from Spain, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and elsewhere, and that really adds to my knowledge in a global sense. Because some of them read French or German, they bring in resources from other places too.
    Some international organizations are also great resources. If you read rudimentary Spanish, I highly recommend @eduteka, from a foundation in Cali, Colombia, that has a terrific website with tech integration and PBL ideas, written all in Spanish.

  2. Thanks, blogger. We'll add more non-English bloggers. With Google translate that would be a great addition!