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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A number of you sent out the Form before getting it approved. So I guess I will reverse my intended procedure and critique the forms after they have been sent out. That may be a better way to do it since I can show you common mistakes. We will send a second round to a different FORM Group later in the semester.

In the meanwhile....
a) If you have already sent your form, wait for the replies
b) If you get a form to fill out, please do so
c) If you have not sent out your form do the following
1) Review the new and improved Form Instructions I have added to the Projects Manual
2) Read my instructions and those of Google
3) Avoid these mistakes that have been made:
  • Too many text response items - they are difficult to analyze.
  • Bad grammar and misspelling. PROOFREAD.
  • Unfilled questions. Remove them. There is a trash can just to the right of the pencil that selects a question to edit.
  • Questions are not required to be answered. Only on VERY RARE occasions should a question be not required. Unfortunately Google has this item set to an incorrect default (in my opinion).
  • Sets are incomplete. There are answers that do not fit the choices.
  • The questionnaire does not practice using all of the types of responses. Try at lease 5 kinds!
4) Now send your form TO YOUR GROUP ONLY (London, Paris or Venice).
If you need help come to the lab. Or call the Help Line.

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