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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Special Assignment #1 Due On or Before 6/15: If You Have A Question Try and Answer It!

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In her blog post about Did You Know? Kelsey Hatward wrote: " I am curious to find out how much China has actually grown in three years."

I suggested she look it up.

I want you to do it also. You will learn about some very powerful search tools that you are not familiar with. Try this. Go to WolframAlpha. Search for Population China. You can answer your question. Better yet, search for Population China India United States.

After you have done that try something different. Go to Google Squared. Search for Countries. On the far right add Population. This is a search engine still being developed in Google labs so their are some anomalies. Add United Sates at the bottom of Column 1.

Your Special Assignment #1 - Due On or before 6/15

Do the two searches above. Comment in a separate blog post titled Special Assignment #1 as follows:
1. Did you know about WolframAlpha?
2. Did you know about Google Squared?
3. What percentage of China's population is the population of the United States?
4. What percentage of India's population is the population of the United States?
5. Now what do you think of the facts reported in Do You Know?
6. Do you think WolframAlpha and Google Squared will be useful for you? for your students? Why or why not?

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