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Monday, June 20, 2011

Special Assignment #2 Due 7/3

You Should...
The very first thing many of you should do is to add the SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT #2 TO YOUR CHECKLIST. As of Monday 6/20 (5 days after it was due) eight out of 30 of you (27%) have not yet done Special Assignment #1.

Special Assignment #2 Due 7/3
This assignment should take approximately three hours to complete.

Some teachers find lectures a good way to summarize material, introduce new perspectives, raise alternative interpretations and convey information.

Some teachers (especially in math and the sciences) do not wish to repeat the same instructions to every student whom them encounter.

Students who miss class sometimes find lectures and other recorded instructions sets very helpful.

Here are 3 enormous sets of materials that very few teachers or preservice teachers know about:
Kahn Academy

For each of these three collections,which are similar but also quite distinct,:
1. Find out as much as you can about them and in Part A of your post summarize what you have found for each of them in turn. Readers of your post should get a good understanding of what these collections are from this part of your post
2. Explore the collection to see what types of materials are there and how extensive they are. In Part 2 of your post a) summarize the extent and nature of each of the collections and indicate what teachers (and how teachers) might take advantage of materials in these collections. Each collection should be addressed separately
3. Watch at least one lecture/presentation/lesson from each of the three collections. In Part 3 of your Post identify the lectures, materials, or lessons you watched. Each identification label should be a link (button) that takes you to the material you used. Summarize what was covered in each of the three and evaluate each.
4. In Part 4 of your post indicate what the collections could do for you and your students when you begin teaching. Treat each collection separately in completing this portion of your assignment
5. Indicate in Part 5 of your post whether or not this assignment has surprised you and why or why not. Be specific.

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