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Monday, February 14, 2011

How Many No Shows?

% Students OnnTime
In the opening class I had students stand in a corner to represent those who do not do their work on time. My "Principal" was always upset when her teachers did not come to work. So how are we doing this semester? Here is the report on Blog Posts (not including first week) and Project Assignments. C4K and C4C will be reported separately.

Why the big drop off for Project #6 (My Sentence)? Three possibilities come to mind for those who did not post their sentence on their blog:
1. You skipped the assignment.
2. You didn't look at what was due until it was too late to do it on the Mac and you were unable to do it on your own computer.
3. You used an old version of the Projects Manual which did not include the instruction that your sentence must be posted to your blog. The Projects Manual was revised February 6. Are you using a printed version of instructions? They go out of date quite often in this class. I warned you! Do not depend on a printed copy in EDM310!

So.... in light of the large number of students who have not posted their "My Sentence" assignment to their Blog, I have changed the due date to Wednesday midnight 2/16/11. If it is posted on your blog by then it will be considered to have been submitted on time.

FAIR WARNING! Do not depend on printed copies of materials for EDM310. Use those on line!


Another thing of interest: We have now completed Week 4. That means we have completed 25% of EDM310. If you are not current with all of your assignments you are in SERIOUS TROUBLE!


  1. Dr. Strange,
    That is so very generous of you. You are a wonderful teacher, and I am really enjoying EDM310. I downloaded that Virtual Choir video onto my iPod.

    Again, I appreciate your generosity.

  2. Dr. Strange,

    You are in a good mood today! What a wonderful Valentines Day gift. I am too enjoying my time here in EDM 310.

    Kelly Evans

  3. Thank you for being so considerate!

  4. Thanks Dr. Strange but due to my illness I will still be late but will have a Dr. note for you. Today I have been awake a total of maybe 3 hours. I'm not sure if the meds or the illness itself has me like this. As soon as I am better I will do my assignment. Thanks for understanding
    Lara Bishop

  5. I really enjoyed doing my sentence. I love making movies and adding pictures and things of that nature. I am excited about the future assignments that involve movie making! :)