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Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Does EDM310 Compare to 8-18 Year Olds (USA 2009) An Answer for Courtney - and Maybe You Too!

Graph of Data Below
Courtney Bengston, in a comment on my post How Does EDM310 Compare to the USA? wrote:
And slowly but surely, the generation younger than us is catching up to our percentages! I would be interested to know the percentage comparison of elementary aged students...

Here's your answer Courtney. They passed us in 2009 in iPod/mp3 ownership and high school students were almost tied with us in cellphone ownership in 2009. There are other data that can be compared, especially usage of media. I'll publish those soon.

Percentages are shown in this order EDM310 Spring 2011 and then 8-18 yr olds USA 2009 and then By Age groups 8-10, 11-14, 15-18

Own Cell Phone? 92% 66% 31% 69% 85%
Own Laptop? 75% 29% 17% 27% 38% (36% of all 8-18 year olds had a computer in their bedroom in 2009.)
Own iPod/mp3? 76% 76% 61% 81% 83%

So the same percentage of kids in the 3rd through the 12th grade owned iPods/mp3 players in 2009 as did EDM310 students in the spring of 2011 and almost as large a percentage of high school students (15-18 year olds) in the United States in 2009 owned cellphones as did EDM310 students this spring!

Data for 8-18 year olds is from Kaiser Family Foundation Study (2009): Generation M2: Media in the LIves of 8-18 Year Olds.


  1. Thank you Dr. Strange for all of the information! I really appreciate you finding it out and posting it! I'm not surprised with I pod/mp3 comparison, and I'm sure they are even with us if not ahead of us with the cell phone usage now. I work for an elementary school and recently had an 8 year old try and convince me that since "times have changed," I quote him directly, that it is acceptable for him to have a cell phone. He also informed me that if he broke is leg at school, then he could reach his parents faster than the school! Kids these days..

  2. Courtney,

    I am amazed at the number of kids carrying around cell phones these days. I am mostly referring to kids younger than 12. Yesterday, I saw a little girl about 8 with a cell phone, walking beside her mother talking to whomever, while her mom was on her cell phone. That to me is just crazy! Who could an 8 year old possibly have to call on her own phone? I will tell you, I am a parent who believes that, starting in middle school every child should be able to have a cell phone at school, as long as they do not abuse the privilege. I make my kids take them, there is nothing worse than the school being on lock down and not knowing if your child is ok.

  3. Those numbers are very interesting! Better not let my younger kids hear the stats! My general rule has been no cell phone until you turn 12. And believe me, they count down to that 12th bday! It does amaze me at what a young age the kids develop an interest in technology. With my older kids, it was the tv remote that held their attention and the cordless telephone. Now, my one year old wants to push the buttons on the computer and watches winnie-the-pooh on youtube with her older sister! It is amazing how inquisitive they are and how quickly they learn! Imagine if we take advantage of that curiosity in the classrooms with technology as early as kindergarten - can you imagine what they will be doing as seniors in high school!

  4. My eleven year old rides a bus for an hour to and from a magnet school and carries a cell phone. I do not like to encourage rule breaking (it is against the rules to have a cell phone in his school) but there have been so many times when his bus was an hour or more late dropping off that I can't send him away in the mornings with no way to contact me. He keeps it turned off unless there is a situation on the bus then he calls me. (Sometimes he gives me traffic reports to save me from getting stuck on the interstate). Good Kid. He wants an iPad for his birthday and he can thank EDM310 because now I am going to get it for him.

  5. Kelly,

    I also wonder who an eight year old could be talking to. Especially when they are by there mother! Now days, I think its OK for middle school students to have a cell phone. I know I'm going to send my kids to school with one especially since these days, you just never know what can happen.

  6. Don't have anyone in middle school, but i do have a son in high school. However, if i did have a child in middle school, that child would have a cell phone. Nothing like being able to put your finger on your kid at anytime. That also works in reverse. You have to be there for your kids at all times. Nice for technology to make it possible.

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