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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

C4K Begins and C4C Corrected

Detecive shoulder patch
C4K assignments are now on Google Docs I think this is one of the most interesting and most important assignments you will have in EDM310 this semester.

I had to make some changes in my plans since I was never able to get a list of pre-service college of education students at the University of Regina. We hope to get that list by next week. In the meantime we have a long list of 4th and 6th graders from several countries.

Before you begin this new phase of your work in EDM310, go back to pp. 16-17 of the Projects Manual and read the material (including the material in ALL the links) that pertains to C4K. You need to understand why I think C4K is so important and you need to know how to write appropriate comments for the kids. You must also remember that the advice you will find from Mr. Chamberlain and Ms. Yollis emphasizes a positive message with ideas for improvement as well as the use of correct grammar, proper spelling, and the use of normal capitalization rules. I mean it when I say that you cannot afford not to meet the spelling, grammar and capitalization rules for Ms. Yollis' third grade class! Proofread your comments!

I also want to stress that it is your responsibility to find out as much as you can about the kids and the classes to which you are assigned. I have been amazed in the past that some EDM310 students did not seem at all interested in whom they were assisting in this process. At a minimum, you need to try and find out a) the country in which the kids reside and the location of their school on a map; b) the grade level of the class; c) the objective or assignment being addressed in the work for which you are leaving a comment. At the least! Sometimes that is not easy to do. Be a detective. Not only does this effort on your part make the C4K activity more meaningful for the kids, you will learn a lot in the process.

Have fun! Ten weeks of C4K begins!

In addition, I have now corrected C4C for this week and your assignments for Blog Post #3 are posted. Sorry about the confusion. I am not sure what happened!


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  3. Good advice for the students to learn as much as possible about the students before they leave a comment. Kids know the difference between a real comment and a Kilroy Was Here! comment.