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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Does EDM310 Compare to the USA?

Table of data
In the previous post Just Who Are the Students in EDM310 Spring 2011? I reported data from the questionnaires I had you fill out. I also reported the results from the Fall 2010 and Summer 2010 terms.

Today I saw on Twitter a link to the results of a Pew Internet & American Life survey covering similar questions. How does EDM310 compare to national data collected in the United States between August and September 2010?

Conclusion: You are very close to the 18-34 age group for the entire United States!

Percentages are shown in this order EDM310 Spring 2011 and then 18-34 yr olds USA Aug 2010

Own Cell Phone? 92% 95%
Own Laptop? 75% 70%
Own iPod/mp3? 76% 74%
Own iPad? 1% 5%

PEW data from PEW Study: Generations and Their Gadgets.


  1. Wow! How convenient that a post like that would appear right after you made your post! I find it interesting that, even in South Alabama, students are all nearly the same when it comes to technology. I guess that just goes to show us how much we all rely on technology!

  2. The information and percentages are indeed very similar. This proves that technology is the great equalizer, if we use it. Good post Dr.Strange.

  3. I'm surprised the percentage for cell phones isn't 100%! I also agree that it is interesting that pretty much all students are the same when it comes to technology. And slowly but surely, the generation younger than us is catching up to our percentages! I would be interested to know the percentage comparison of elementary aged students to the percentages above.

  4. I blame television. When you get a large group of people to become so similar to each other, despite where they live or the culture that they are a part of, then there's something somewhere that's coordinating it.

    Then again, maybe I'm just crazy.

  5. Richard,

    You know, you may be correct. I had never thought of that but I would not be surprised if that were a major part of the explanation!

  6. I see that everyone doesn't have a cell phone. I wonder if it was just a brief period that they didn't or don't or if they never have. It is almost inconceivable that someone can function without one, especially in the class. Good luck to them! I confess that I do feel free when I don't have my cell phone with me even though it is not often.