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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What To Do With Your Lesson Plan?

Keep calm and wait for an answer
Jordan Neely has raised an excellent question on the EDM310 Facebook Page:
Jordan Neely 12:42pm Oct 1
How do we need to post our project #13 lesson plan once our group has completed it? Ours is just saved as a word document.

Here is my response:

John Strange You can also save it as a .pdf and add it to your own Google site. Then you will have a link to it which you can put in your blog with an image of some sort. You will learn to use another valuable tool (maybe even two valuable tools) if you do that. Now that you have raised the issue I think i will prepare a set of instructions and post that to the Class Blog. Wait until tomorrow night ( 10/2/13) to do anything. Let's see what i can get done in the morning (10/2/13. I will put the answer (and instructions) here.

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