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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What To Do With Your Lesson Plan? - Some Suggestions

1. If you create your Lesson Plan using a form that has a URL, place the link to that URL in your blog. When you do that you would have a button on your blog that reads something like this: Lesson Plan # 1 Created by .... for Project # ... In a paragraph you would also provide information something like this: This Lesson Plan addresses the following .... and is intended for students in Grade... It covers a period of days/weeks whatever. The button, when clicked, would take you to your lesson plan. (Be sure to check that it works!) If the lesson Plan has more than one part (perhaps a plan and a rubric) then there would be URLs for each part.

If your Lesson Plan is in a Word document, convert it to a Google Doc which has a URL. Create a link in your Blog to your Google doc Lesson Plan.(I explain how in Share A Document.) Better yet: Create your Lesson Plan in a Google Doc or a Google Spreadsheet. If you follow this plan you will have to share your Doc to anyone that has the link to it. I have created an example Doc, Share A Document, which explains how to share a Doc to anyone who has the link.

If you want to really be creative and learn to use another tool that will be very useful to you as a teacher, create a Google Site (or website).

What would you do to create a Google Site? Well I would hope that you would Google Create a Google Site If you did you would get a response something like this:
Results of Google search for Create A Google Site

Skip the Ads. The first link below the Ads is this one:

Link to Google Site Support

The Link is to Create a site - Site help - Google Support. Create your own site where you can store all sorts of things (pdf documents, sounds, videos, images) which have a URL of their own and which then can be accessible by links. I use Google Sites for the Emergency Instruction Manual and as the place where I store your pictures.

By the way, how can you create a .pdf file which can be easily stored on a Google site. Do you know? If not, find out.

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