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Monday, October 21, 2013

Update Tuesday October 22, 2013


The post of Monday October 21, 2013 has been revised!
1. I will not mandate that you create a Google site to store your Learning plans but I sure do think it would be a good idea. I may do so for Learning Plan #3.

2. C4K for this week IS NOW AVAILABLE. will not be available until late today or maybe even in the morning (Tuesday October 22, 2013).

3. In doing Learning Plans #2 and #3 you MUST follow the BIE model even if you do not use the BIE Forms.

4. If your group did not do Learning Plan #1 collaboratively, you must do Learning Plan #2 or #3 collaboratively. I would prefer that it be Learning Plan #2. CLARIFICATION: In other words, one of the three lesson plans must be done collaboratively and two of the three learning plans must be done individually.


5. Project #10 (Interview Movie) has been delayed one week. It will now be due November 3, 2013.The instructions for project #10 have now been revised and are available in Version 5 of Project Instructions. Instructions will be posted later today (Monday 10/21/13) or tomorrow (Tuesday 10/22/13)

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