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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Thank You from Tyler Rice


You really have put together something phenomenal with your EDM310 class. Your students are building a PLN and learning to use such a wide range of technology! More importantly, you are asking them to be reflective and introspective and I think that is the greatest gift a teacher can give!

I've loved reading your students' comments on my blog Wisdom Begins with Wonder. I'm not sure how I made your list of teacher blogs to read but I am honored.

Thank you,
Tyler Rice (@MrTRice_Science)

Thank you, Mr. Rice!

I will answer Mr. Rice's question as to how he made my list. Last summer Mr. Chamberlain (@wmchamberlain) called to my attention this blog post: Grading Moratorium: Tyler Rice on Joe Bower's blog for the love of learning. Mr. Rice's first sentences were:
I’ve wanted to abolish grading in my classes for a few years now. Grading has always been my least favorite part of teaching. I love teaching but I hate grading.

Now you know! A compatriot on grading!

You are not surprised are you? Well, maybe you thought there was only one teacher as strange as I in not liking grades! And I hope you will teach your students to be good at self reflection/evaluation when you become a teacher.

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