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Friday, April 22, 2011

Kelly Evans' Book Trailer Gets Noticed - By The Author

kelly Evans' Blog MAsthead
Ned Young, author of the book Zoomer, spotted Kelly's trailer that she made for EDM310 on her blog. He asked Kelly whether he could use the trailer on his blog and Kelly, not surprisingly, agreed. Take a look at Ned Young Studio: Zoomer book trailer.

Congratulations Kelly!

And how did Mr. Young know about the trailer so quickly? Probably because of Google Alerts. Google provides a service (free) which continually searches for text which you specify. I use it to search for "Dr. John Strange", "John Strange", "Dr. John Hadley Strange", "John Hadley Strange", "EDM310" and "EDM 310". I do not have Google search for "Dr. Strange" (too many comic books) or just "Strange". (You can imagine why.) Try it and see if anyone is writing about you!


  1. Great job. Nice to see Kelly rewarded for her efforts. I'm sure Its alright to speak on behalf of the class, and say we are proud of your recognition.


  2. I am so happy for Kelly! She did such a great job! Thanks for introducing us to Google Alerts. I just created two alerts. I wonder what will come up!

  3. Dear Kelly and Dr. Strange,


    Wow! What a great post about your book trailer! I will be looking for "Zoomy" in the library. It is very impressive to create a book trailer, for I would love to have that talent. It seemed like"Zoomy" was having fun, and was not bored at all. I have to admit his house looked pretty cool, but who would not want to go to school? At school, you learn interesting facts. School can be a little amusing, especially when you get to blog. Zoomy seems to be really hyper, and I can not believe he flooded his own back yard! What was it like creating a book trailer?

    @Dr. Strange,

    What a great class you have! You accomplish amazing achievements! I love how you are always succeeding impressive things. Maybe one day when I'm older, I will get a teacher with a familiar name. Hmmm, I'll think. Ahh, now I remember. That name was from the 3DM blog, and their amazing teacher, Dr. Strange.

    Keep up the great work!
    One of the brothers(yollis)
    Please Check out the blog Mrs. Yollis gave us:
    Here is the URL: