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Friday, April 8, 2011

Metaphor Discussion Update

Tom Johnson looking the other way.
Pencil Me In: A Journey in the Fight for Graphite was published today in a
softcover edition ($10 from Amazon)and in a Kindle edition ($4). This book is based on Mr. Spencer's blog Tom Johnson's Adventures in Pencil Integration.

Here is an excerpt from Special Thanks in Mr. Spencer's book Pencil Me In: A Journey in the Fight for Graphite:
I would like to thank Alan Stange for all the formative feedback he offered from the first day I began this blog. I also want to thank Russ Goerend for encouraging me to continue with the blog when it had no real story arc...

Thank you, also, to Dr. Strange and the EDM 310 class who left regular comments, wrote reflections in blog posts and sent e-mails to me sparking in-depth conversations. Your feedback was immensely helpful through this process.

Blogs, comments on blogs and your EDM310 activities do make a difference. I thank you also!

The conversations continue!


  1. Wow, Dr. Strange! Can I have your autograph? You have reached celebrity status, that's so awesome! Good to see that what we (EDM 310 students) have to say, really matters. Now, if you could pencil me in to your schedule.. that would be great.

  2. Kudos to Mr. Spencer, Dr. Strange and EDM310! That's awesome!

  3. Dr. Strange, I had no idea, you were so well connected.

  4. Thanks Mr Spencer for giving us another reason to promote purposeful learning. Dr Strange, keep it up! We are continually inspired.

  5. It feels good to know that we are making a difference through our blogs and that they are getting noticed!

  6. That is a great compliment! Its nice to know that we are helping someone out.

  7. This semester was the first time I ever really used blogs or other online resources in an educational environment, and I have definitely been convinced of the power they hold. Never imagined I would be using these technologies in the classroom... then again, I never imagined I'd learn this much.
    Food for thought....

  8. This is a wonderful compliment Dr. Strange! To be honest, I have never use so much technologies throughout the years I have been in school and I have to say that EDM-310 do make a big difference! I am glad that my technology experiences have been blooming since I entered this class!

  9. Congrats Dr. Strange you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!