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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Additional Assignment #4. What's My Sentence?

What's My Sentence?
I just saw a Tweet (6:26 am 11/2/10 CDT) about Daniel Pink's What's My Sentence Project. We missed participating, but we (or maybe next semester's class, will watch the results: A compilation of sentences from all over the world in 15 second videos.

Also check out Rodd Lucier's The Clever Sheep Blog and his semi-YouTube Channel in which he has numerous classes create their sentences in 15 second videos.

Why wait for Daniel Pink's results? You now have Additional Assignment #4 DUE 11/14/10. The easiest way is to sit at one of the new Macs. Record your sentence (you did it last week) in a 15 second video. Add your sentence to your video. The staff can show you how to overlay text on your video in iMovie or Premiere. If you do it with a Flip camera, or your web camera,add your sentence as a text overlay in the video editing program of your choice and email your video to me at We will compile the sentences and make available for all to watch.

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  1. Hey Dr. Strange, I recorded my sentence today. It is on the Mac in your classroom but I did not email it to you. Is that okay??