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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Special Exemption - We Can Submit Videos to Mr. Pink!

Mr. Pink accepts EDM310 videos
At 7:35 am I received this Tweet:

My answer: Yes
This was my response at 7:44am

The bottom line? Your videos will be submitted as part of the world wide effort to collect 15 second What's My Sentence videos.

In addition, this exhibits the power of Twitter. Are you using Twitter? Are you following me? My Twitter address is on this Class Blog. Are you following @pvbaggett, @jamielynn519, @wmchamberlain, @jlamshed, @Shellterrell, @jshe, @teachernz, @dlt0141, @sregornollid, @akins14 and many more? You should be.

Even more importantly are you using HASH (#) tags? Search for #edm310 and you will find LOTS of Tweets that I think all EDM310 students should be reading.

1 comment:

  1. Daniel Pink is fascinating. I've met him, heard him speak twice (NAEA and in Baldwin County) , and read his books A Whole New Mind & Johnny Bunko. I think "What's my Sentence?" is a great multimedia project for all ages; can't wait to see/hear what our students create!

    AND take a look at #EDU301 (especially over the next two weeks) while I attempt to create a #twitterstorm on ART & TECHNOLOGY!!!!