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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Johnson (Spencer) Thanks You!


Here is his post Thanks EDM310 in response to your comments:
I normally post responses to people's comments, but life has gotten crazy-busy lately. So, I want to direct this at Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class in general:

Thank you for all the positive feedback. It is always encouraging to get compliments, que stions and insightful responses from readers. I know that my blog was a "required reading," but it often felt from the responses that people were reading this not simply out of a desire to get a grade, but in an honest desire to think about education. There were plenty of times when I considered scrapping this bizarre, satirical, often clunky little blog, but your comments helped reshape how I chose to approach writing this. So, again, thanks to all the folks who are reading this blog.

-John Spencer

In his latest post I Banned Pencils Today he has taken the unique step of actually asking his students to bring their brain and use it! So you are not alone when I say "Bring your brain and turn it on."

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