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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mr Chamberlain Suggests..

Brian Crosby Back to the Future Video
Mr Chamberlain suggested via email:"Brian Crosby's presentation Back To the Future at TedX Denver would be a great video for your students because it illustrates how one topic can encompass a huge range of learning."

Next semester this video will be one of the required assignments. I endorse Mr. Chamberlain's suggestion and urge you to watch it NOW!

Be prepared to be:
Sky High
Bursting with Excitement
A Follower
A Mac Fan
A Builder of a Learning Network
An Authentic Audience
Creating High Hopes
A Collaborator
A participant in a class with a student "You will probably never see."
In need of a Kleenex
A Learner
Challenged to Act

Watch the video and you will understand this list. Do it now. No, it is not a required assignment. But if you really want to be a fantastic teacher watch this video NOW! Back To the Future by Brian Crosby, Agnes Risley Elementary School, Sparks, Nevada.


  1. The list was right on target. Great presentation and exquisite project. That is what it is suppose to be all about. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Amazing. It is always comforting to know that there are teachers willing to go the distance to see their students succeed. There is really no reason for a child to be "left behind" with the technology available to us. Mr. Crosby was truly an inspiration.