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Friday, July 23, 2010

Final Post Reflection Instructions - Final Examination Part 1

Final EDM310 Personal Reflection

This constitutes a part of your final examination in EDM310. You have read two of Mr. McClung's reflections. One after his first year of teaching; one after his second. I want you to reflect on your eight weeks in EDM310 with the same care and consideration as Mr. McClung did in his two reflections.

Take 15 minutes to think. With your brain turned on. Look at your watch or clock. Don't start writing your post until you have spent 15 minutes reflecting. Take notes. Organize your thoughts.

Here are some things to think about to stimulate your reflection. These are not questions you have to answer. Just some things to get you started thinking and reflecting.

If you would rather answer by doing a movie or audio, do that. Embed in your post. Be sure to tag the video in YouTube with EDM310.

Use specific examples where appropriate.

On Monday I will post a form for you to complete which will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the course. It will be due no later than midnight Tuesday July 27, 2010. This post is also due at the same time. Do it as soon as possible.

1. What have I learned? What can I now do that I couldn't do? What experiences have been especially meaningful to me? How am I different? What things do I think about that I didn't think about before EDM310? Will I approach teaching differently because of EDM310? What have I learned about working with others? What have I learned about myself? What are the things I need to work on to be an incredible teacher in the 21st century? After 15 minutes of reflection (don't count the time spent reading thee instructions) write your personal reflection on how EDM310 has affected you.

2. Using the same technique of reflecting before writing - this time for 10 minutes rather than 15 - reflect on what you would tell you best friend (or just an acquaintance) if they were going to take EDM310 next semester. What things should your friend do to make EDM310 more meaningful? What things to read, search for? What teachers to follow? What things to avoid? What things or opportunities to take advantage of? Again, this is NOT an outline for you to follow. These questions are posed to get you to think.

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