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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Final Comments4Classmates / Blog Assignment 13

drawing of brain
This instruction supersedes the instructions in the Instruction Manual for Blog Post 13 (Assignment 14).

I am experimenting. This assignment has two objectives:
1. Students who did not submit their posts on time did not get comments. This assignment should produce 3 comments for everyone.
2. Blog posts have been the only assignments for comments. This broadens the work reviewed by your fellow students.

You have three posts of fellow students upon which to comment. The assignments can be found in Google Docs under Comments4Classmates Number 12. If I have assigned you a post which is yours or in which you appear (an interview or a smartboard lesson for example), do not do the assigned post. Instead comment on the "spare" provided for you. If you need more than one "spare," select any other.

This is the final C4C assignment. BUT I have added a new assignment. See the post NEW ASSIGNMENT: Alba Middle School Students Create Videos.

There will be one more Blog Post - a Final Self Assessment. Instructions will be posted Thursday July 22.

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