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Friday, July 16, 2010

NEW ASSIGNMENT: Alba Middle School Students Create Videos

Gulf waters with Just Pray superimposed
Alba Middle School Students Create Videos is a video that tells us about Alba Middle School students who created a created a photograph exhibit which told the story of Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast five years ago and about their new projects creating videos about the BP oil spill. Their first video, a practice "spoof video," is now on You Tube. It is titled The Mean Oil Spill. The Alba students have just posted a more serious movie called Just Pray. The students are continuing to work on more videos.

It seems appropriate for us to celebrate these video productions in Mobile County with some comments from EDM310 students. So here is a NEW assignment. Watch the Mobile Press Register video: Alba Middle School Students Create Videos. Then watch The Mean Oil Spill. Leave a comment on the YouTube site. Then watch Just Pray. Then take a look at some of the other videos posted by Sheila Hagler. Go to the sheilahaglerphotos Channel of You Tube. In the lower left you will see her Recent Activity. Take a look at some of her other videos. You can also click on Send Message (near the Subscribe button on the left) and send a her a message about your reactions to her work that that of the students at Alba. You can also email her Sheila Hagler:

The print article by ReneƩ Busby was published on p. 1 of the Living Section of the Mobile Press Register on Tuesday July 13, 2010. Since the print article is not on the Mobile Press Register site, I will reproduce it here:

Students document BP's "mean" spill

By Renee´ Buzbee

Bayou La Batre - The Alma Middle School students laughed as they sat at a computer searching for bird sounds and photos for their video.

It's a part of their healing process.

Five years ago, Alba students created "Eyes of the Storm," a photo exhibit chronicling hurricane Katrina's wrath in south Mobile County. Now, students there are producing a video about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

"Kids process feelings through photos," said Sheila Hagler, an artist in residence at Alba and a professional photographer who teaches photography.

Hagler, who oversaw the Katrina project, said that the spill video would help the students cope with another tragedy affecting family members, neighbors and friends.

"When they talk about it, healing takes place," Hagler said.

To test the waters for their video project, the students made a spoof video called "The Mean Oil Spill, which is on You Tube.

In a classroom last week, the students began editing video of a Bayou woman interviewed describing him made signs that she creates about the oil spill.
The students named the new video "Just Pray."

Those words , said Hagler, are heard often when coastal folks explain how they're doing with the spill.

Next week, the students will venture into the Bayou community with their cameras to capture the feelings of loved ones and other local people.

A recent visit to Gulf Shores left Alba student Krista Bufford, 12, with oil covered shoes, instead of memories of a fun summer vacation. "The oil spill is disgusting," she said.

Alba students Abby and Tara Ladnier, 12-year-old twins, know firsthand how the spill has harmed local livelihoods.

"My Paw Paw works on a shrimp boat and he doesn't have a job," said Terra. " He's upset."

Abby said she hopes the video will encourage people to "do something to help."

Said Terra: "I hope that people will see that if you pray, it will change it."


  1. This is fantastic that a school in Mobile County is on the Comments4Kids list. It would be incredible to recognize this, which may catch on with other schools. I've had the privilege to visit Alba Middle School a couple of semesters ago with Mr. Manny Vitale, SPE400 professor at USA. This is a fantastic school! I love the local success and recognition.

    Please feel free to post on the EDM310 Alumni Blog at if you have any further developments on the Alba Middle School use of technology in the classroom. THis is the kind of stuff that we future teachers, mostly for Mobile County, could benefit.

    Great job! Don't waste a minute, an assignment, or a post while in EDM310. Absorb and explore to your maximum, even beyond. You will be so grateful!

    Jackie Gorski

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