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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You May Be Wondering About the Same Things

On Jan 19, 2010, at 9:37 PM, Charlotte A. Elmore wrote:

Dr. Strange,
I had a couple questions regarding our Google Presentation.
1. Is our presentation just a random story about ourselves, like your France presentation? Or is ours supposed to be kind of a story of our life?
2. On the syllabus it mentions about doing an Audacity recording of our presentation, is that to be presented in class as well separate or somehow put into our presentation?

Charlotte and EDM310 Students:
1. You can take any approach you want. One way would be to prepare your own introduction to an audience of your peers. Another would be to introduce yourself to your potential employers. Another would be to tell a club about your special interests in ... Any way you want to approach it. My France example was a quick demo of technique, not a recommendation of an approach to take. The goal is to get you using Google Presentations. Much better, for many reasons, than PowerPoint. Free, collaborative, stored in the clouds, can be presented to and from on line audiences (we will do this), etc.

2. If we can find a free tool that will combine the two (audio and presentation), then we will do that. Otherwise the audio assignment is to get you to practice and to give you a way to learn Audacity which will be very useful to you in a number of contexts.

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  1. Screentaoster will capture the image on the computer and allow you to add a voice and store it. You can publish to YouTube (no need) or Screentoaster and it is free. That way you will have continuous play and audio combined.

    If I did a presentation with about twenty slides (or as many/few as you like) and had a microphone (or webcam if you want visual as well as voice) then I can add the voice during or after and rehearse or re-due as often as I wish. Perfect for making instructional education classes available online to students for the professor that stands up and goes through slides and chats. Hint, more online classes to undergraduates!