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Saturday, January 30, 2010


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Several students have asked important questions that lead me to want to clarify several things:

Podcast Assignment for Sunday 1/31
I want you to dabble in as many podcasts as you want - at least 6. You do not have to listen to an entire podcast. Just get familiar with the various approaches, styles, etc. You will be doing a podcast in 3-4 weeks and need to understand the wide range of ways people develop podcast.
Your Post
One post describing your reactions to all podcasts and referencing which podcasts you thought were better and which ones you thought were worse will do fine.

I have abandoned my strategy of splitting the class into some students being present and some being virtual. We will determine who goes first by lottery. Everyone has to be ready to present in the first meeting of the class. Everyone must be present at all sessions of their Class Section in which they are enrolled. If you cannot attend both of your sessions, make it up in a session of another class. If you have switched sections, come in the section which you now attend.

Your Picture on Your Blog
Your picture should now be on your blog and it should be at the top of the column in which it resides. Complete instructions are available on the syllabus. To move it to the top, go to Layout and drag the About Me gadget (that's what the elements in the column are called) to the top.

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