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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Special Blog Post Assignment #1 Due Thursday 2/7/13 at Midnight

In this Special Blog Assignment which is due THURSDAY February 7, 2013 at midnight, create a post titled Special Blog Post #1 in which you do the following:
1. Read the post Many Students Misinterpreted the Data in Did You Know?.
2. Answer the question in that post about what you found when you did the WolframAlpha search.
3. Do two more similar WolfranAlpha comparative searches. For each (a) state exactly what you searched for and (b) what you found. If a search is unsuccessful, try again until you have two successful searches.
4. In one or two paragraphs, discuss how WolframAlpha can be useful to you or your students or both.
5. Go to Gary Hayes Social Media Count
Watch the Social Media Count change. There are 9 tabs (Social, Mobile, Games, Heritage and Now, +1 day, +1 week, +1 month, +1 year). There are 20 possible combinations of Subject and Time Frame. Try them ALL. If you want to stop the clock at 1 minute (or some other interval), try doing a screen shot (Mac: Command/Shift 4 - or 3 for whole page which may be easier; or use Snipping on a PC. For detailed instructions on doing a screenshot see page 9 of the Project Instructions.
6. Think about these changes that are happening at such an astounding rate. What do they mean for your professional career as a teacher? Write two or more paragraphs in your Special Blog Post #1 following the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post.
7. Send Gary Hayes (@GaryPHayes ) a thank you Tweet. Tag it #edm310 so I will see your Tweet.

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