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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday January 21, 2013 Update

1. Your C4C Assignment (due midnight 1/27/13) is in your Google Docs (Drive).
2. Your C4T Assignment (due midnight 1/27/13) is in your Google Docs (Drive).
3. If you can't find either your C4C assignment or your C4T assignment, be sure you have selected All items under More.. in the left column of Google Docs. If you have done this and one or more is still missing, email me.
4. Most students (more than usual) answered the Questionnaire #1 due last midnight. Only 7 failed to do so. Great! We shall find out why the 7 didn't do it in class this week.
5. We had a much better record than normal of blog post #1 being completed on time. Only 9 students did not do this assignment on time, two of whom do not yet have a blog (and they attended no classes last week).

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