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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EDM310 Classes Start Next Week - All Materials Now Available

US Postage stamp Learning Never Ends
EDM310 begins its 9th semester in its current form. Welcome!

A few reminders:
•Do NOT be late with any work in EDM310.
•Write well. Proofread everything you write.
•Learn to be an effective and honest evaluator - of your own performance of of that of others.
•Be open to new ideas. The world of education is changing fast and you must not teach as you were taught.
•Use your creativity
•Learn. Always be engaged in learning. EDM310 is NOT a "burp-Back" course where you will be told what to memorize and what to do. We will give you the tools to learn and we will help. But YOU must do the learning. Actually, we ALL must be learners!
•Don't worry about the first two weeks. they are hectic, often confusing, and very different. But they will pass.
•Have fun LEARNING!

All EDM310 Class materials are now available in the column on the right titled Essential Materials for Students and Visitors.

About the stamp: It was issued in 1980. The image is Glow by Josef Albers. Learning Never Ends!

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