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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Use Green Screen and Examples

Learning to Use the Green Screen

Elizabeth Brooks shares her Green Screen (Chroma Key) Secrets in her video How to use Chroma Key in Adobe Premiere Elements 9 starring previous EDM 310 student Ramsey Willis.

Jacey-Blair and the Jag Brooms

Elizabeth directed Jacey-Blair in a thrilling green screen movie Jacey-Blair and the Jag Brooms. Watch it to see how the green screen magic allows Jacey-Blair to fly, as Elizabeth said,"around South Alabama's campus using the new Jag Brooms providing much better transportation than Jag Bikes".

Song used in this video is "Prologue" from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by John Williams.

A Spellbinding day.
Elizabeth and Bailey spend another Spellbinding Day in the Lab - well with a bit of "extra" added.

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