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Thursday, November 15, 2012


If you have not paid for Foliotek, you should do so NOW!

If you have paid for Foliotek you need do nothing until the last week of class.

I will post additional instructions for Foliotek on the Class Blog after Thanksgiving so you can complete your EDM310 Foliotek ahead of time. We must still check your Foliotek BEFORE classes are over. We will do this in the first class meeting of the first week in December.

You must use either Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to access Foliotek.

Click on USA Online at the bottom of the USA Web Page.

Click on Sakai.

Enter your J Number as your user name and your JagMail password as your password.

You should see EDM310 at the top of the page. Click on it

In the left column you should see Foliotek. Click on Foliotek and follow the instructions to make your payment.

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