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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
Normally I have no assignments during Thanksgiving Week. Hurricane Isaac necessitated moving the "lost week" into Thanksgiving Week. To partially make up for that I will end C4K posts after the one due next Sunday (11/25/12). I will also end C4C after next Sunday (11/25/12). And there will be no Blog Post #14 Assignment which I had removed but warned of a replacement. I am also allowing Blog Post #13 to be submitted no later than Sunday December 2, 2012. These changes do not totally eliminate the work necessary during Thanksgiving Week. I hope, however, these changes make the next two weeks a bit more enjoyable.

C4C and C4K assignments will be available by noon on Monday 11/19/12 and will be due Sunday November 25, 2012. They will be the last C4C and C4K assignments. Happy Thanksgiving (and the week after).


  1. Thank you Dr. Strange!! Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

  2. Did you mean 11/19/12 instead of 12/19/12? :)

    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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