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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sharing - What Can EDM310 Students Accomplish?

Giving hands
Two years ago as this version of EDM310 was nearing completion, I was intrigued by the efforts of @wmchamberlain, @jarrodlamshed and @joemcclung to introduce sharing into their class curricula. Mr. Chamberlain devised a way for his class to contribute to Daraja Academy in Kenya. Mr. Lamshed created an event in which he and others sacrificed their hair for the Australian equivalent of the American Cancer Society. Mr. McClung and his class raised money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

I have wanted to add a component to EDM310 for Sharing. We will inaugurate it this semester for the first time. Tiffany Fey is one of the USA leaders of Colleges Against Cancer. I read about her efforts in her first blog post and thought CAC might be a good charity to assist.

In addition, the University of South Alabama has an excellent program of giving for faculty and staff, but none for students. In fact, the William Chamberlain Fund which awards $500 each year to a student or students in EDM310 for outstanding commitment to and ability in using technology in teaching is a beneficiary of the faculty/staff campaign. I want to support that effort and also to create the possibility of extending the faculty/staff effort to students and parents in all parts of the University of South Alabama.

So.... here is what we are going to do.

Each of you will be asked to contribute to either the CAC or the William Chamberlain Fund. This is purely voluntary, but we hope you will join us in supporting one or both of these efforts.

In addition, a number of the EDM310 community (alumni, current students, staff and I) have watched three short videos of LSU students which resulted in a campaign for LSU that raised $750 million dollars. Yes, $750 million dollars.

So a third way you can support our EDM 310 Sharing Effort is to participate with a team of 2 or 3 other EDM 310 students in creating a USA fund raising campaign video. The LSU examples will be posted on the Class Blog soon.

Now here are the incentives:

We want to encourage participation in these efforts. So if 60 EDM310 students participate this year, I will match any cash donations. If at least 120 EDM310 students participate, I will double match any cash gifts to the William Chamberlain Fund up to a total of $2,000.

The videos created as a part of this effort will be judged a team appointed by the USA Office of Development and Alumni Relations. The members of the winning team will receive a special prize which we will announce soon.

What do we mean by "participate"?
Any person that gives at least $5 to either the CAC or the William Chamberlain Fund.
Any person that acts as a team captain, or who participates in the CAC Relay, will count as a participant.
Any person that participates on a team that produces a video for the Office of Development will count as a participant.

Our goal is 100 participants so that cash gifts will be doubled by me (twice if to the William Chamberlain Fund). In addition, the University will double any amount that is given to the William Chamberlain Fund.

If we get 60 participants (as defined above) and you contribute $10 to the CAC, that $10 will be matched by me and $20 will go to the CAC. A contribution to the William Chamberlain will result in even more matching. If we have 100 participants I will double match and the University will match that. So $10 would be double matched (up to a total of $2,000 total for CAC and the William Chamberlain Fund) and the total would be $30. The University would then match that and $60 would be added to the William Chamberlain Fund.

Tiffany will be sharing a Google Doc with you later this week detailing how you can volunteer to help the CAC. She will also share with you a gift form for the CAC. I will be posting on the Class Blog a gift form for the William Chamberlain Fund. I will also post links to the LSU student videos and will share with you a signup sheet for a video for our Office of Development.

Contributions will be accepted until April 18 at noon. Videos will be due April 18 at noon.

This project is entirely voluntary. We do want you to participate in some way, however. That explains the incentives we have added to this effort.

Let's see what EDM310 can do.


  1. Sounds like a great worthy plan. You can count me in.

  2. You mentioned a CAC Relay. When is that? I know a lot of people that would love to do that. They're not all EDM310 but the more the merrier!

  3. Jacey,
    Our Relay will be on April 1st at 6pm-6am on the outdoor track. We can use all of the help we can get so yes! Please get everyone you know who would like to volunteer to come help! It's going to be so much fun! I will be sending everyone a word doc with all of the information about the Relay on Wednesday afternoon!

  4. This sounds awesome! Count me in! This rocks.

  5. Also, I have been told that this year's relay for life will give us another chance to experience the USA showchoir. Be sure to check Brandon's blog for more to come on that aspect of the relay. Thanks for the info Tiffany!

  6. Are checks accepted or just cash? And if they are, who are they made out to?

  7. This is a great opportunity to get involved and a great cause. Thanks for this info and I will be looking for more.

  8. Kristan, make checks payable to the American Cancer Society. And Anthony yes! the show choir will be there to put on a show! I believe their theme is going to be Glee. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it! :) Thanks to everyone for supporting the CAC!

  9. Did you say 6pm to 6am??
    Where do you want us to take the checks to??

  10. Kelly, yes 6pm-6am, we stay up all night because cancer never sleeps! I am trying to find a drop box to put in the classroom so everyone can put their donations in.