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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update: Mid Term Questionnaire Has Been Sent By Gmail


The picture is a screen shot of 1 of 4 pages of our version of your checklist. I thoroughly mixed the names before capturing this photo and I also only reproduced a portion of our records.

You have been keeping your checklist. How does it look? An explanation of the colors. Yellow represents excellent work. Red means an assignment was not done. Pink represents a late assignment or one that was not done satisfactorily. Purple is for sick days or other special reasons. Orange means a special set of instructions was given.

Why am I showing you this? I have sent you a Gmail with a link to the MidTerm Questionnaire/Reflection/Exam. You will be asked to evaluate your work so far in EDM310. Honestly. We know the answers to most of the questions we will ask you about your performance. The picture is a reminder of that.

If you do not get the Gmail with the link to the Questionnaire, send me at email to

One of the things we will ask about is whether your sidebar on your blog meets the requirements of p. 11 of the Activities Instruction Manual. You might want to take a look at it before you get the questionnaire. If your blog is not in shape you should make the necessary corrections soon. Remember you should have a link that works for your email address.

We will also ask whether you can write the code necessary to put a button in a comment. Mrs. Yollis' class can and they are only 3rd graders. If not, be sure you learn how to do this and make use of your newfound knowledge during the remainder of the class.

I will also ask you about your grade. I hate grades. But I have to give them at the end of the semester. If the semester were over right now, what grade would you give yourself? Honestly.

Summary results will be posted by the time Spring Break is over.

Remember, this Midterm Questionnaire is considered to be equivalent to a midterm exam. It MUST be completed no later than midnight Sunday March 13, 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Dr. Strange,

    Technically spring break is over, When will you be posting the results from our Midterm surveys?
    Yes, I know it is pretty ridiculous that I am up at midnight looking to see if you have posted anything.. I just can't help it, the suspense is killing me.