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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mid Term Reflection

Wicked Witch reflecting in a mirror
Most of you reflected on your grade the same way I did. there are now 130 students enrolled in EDM310. 83 of you would give yourself the same grade that I would give you.

19 you are more critical of your performance than I was. I would give 18 of you a grade one grade higher than you gave yourself. One person gave themselves a C and I would give them an A.

16 of you were not as critical of your work as I am. 13 gave yourself a grade one level higher than I would have given you and 3 of you gave yourself a grade two levels higher than I would have given you.

10 students did not return the questionnaire. There were no surprises in this list and there should be no surprise when they get their grades (unless they drop the course).

2 of you gave yourself a D and I agreed.

I will be contacting 10 of you who completed the midterm questionnaire and gave yourself a passing grade (C or better) but I would have given you a D or F. Maybe I do not have the correct information about your work. Maybe you have completed work that I show as not being completed. Maybe there is some other explanation. If so, we need to get it straightened out. And then, there may be some of you who are hoping rather than honestly evaluating your work so far. Sort of like the wicked witch looking in the mirror - she thinks she looks better than I think she does. We will talk about it. I will send you an email tomorrow if you are one of the 10 to whom I need to talk.


  1. Will we be able to find out the grade we have in class this week?

  2. My number is....987-6543 ... just kidding! Thanks for the update. I am so glad school is back in session, I have missed it! See you in class Dr. Strange.

  3. I don't know about the other students' response, but answered the questions, that were sent to the class, as honest as i could. If i was wrong, i'm sure you'll let me know. See you in class Dr. Strange.

  4. I am inquisitive if those who gave themselves a higher grade did so because they felt they had attempted coursework they had no experience with prior to trying or if they just don't have realistic personal reflection. Either way, I wish everyone the best of luck in the class and hope everyone will continue to learn great things to give them advantages as a prospective educator!

  5. The wicked witch line cracks me up. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. I am praying I do not get an email!