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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Double image of pound 2
In your Checklist the first item due is listed 1 Blog Post #2 (Wordle). IGNORE THE (WORDLE). That is incorrect. Even though it is to be posted on your Blog, It is actually Project #2 and described in line 6 Project #2. The Blog Post Assignment #2 due this Sunday (Tue for MW class) AND your Wordle (Project #2) should also be posted in your Blog by this Sunday. The Blog Assignment has 5parts. It is described in the Blog Post assignments.


  1. Dr. Strange, thanks for the clarification. I was very close to putting another Wordle into my blog post.

  2. I have an extra Wordle on my blog. It was added last week. Is it okay to leave it, or should I delete it? I do understand what Blog #2 should be.

  3. So, should the Wordle not be in my blog post #2, or is that allright?

  4. Michael - Use Wordles whenever you want.
    Rebecca - Your original Wordle can serve as the picture for Blog Post #2. But you can do a separate Wordle if you wish or insert an appropriate image that relates in someway to something you cover in your Blog post.

  5. Thank you! I will do another Wordle then! See you in lab!