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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


question mark
The questionnaires are arriving in great number. We will review them and have all approvals out by Sunday night. If there are problems or corrections needed, we will attend to that in lab next Tuesday (or Monday or Wednesday). This may be a deadline change for correction time. I think I did not allow time for the approval process which is now Thur-Sun.

Some approvals have already been issued so yoiu can distribute those questionnaires now if you wish. If you are sending to the class you will find a list of gmail addresses in your Google Docs. Here's an easy way to select all of them at once:
1. Click on the gmail address in Row 2 (the first gmail address)
2. Scroll down WITHOUT CLICKING to the last gmail address. Hold down the shift key and while holding it down, click the last gmail address. That selects all of the gmail addresses. Copy.
3. Go to your spreadsheet version of your form. Share. Paste TO VIEW. You may want to add a message asking your classmates or recipients to fill out your form.
4. Then add all instructors gmail addresses to a new invite. Invite them TO EDIT. Send. That's it.


  1. I am so lost. I've read the instructions about the questionnaire and all I can come up with is that we just make up 10 questions on any topic?

  2. You can choose any topic. However if you view the create a form video (found on the bottom of pg 8 of the instruction manual) Dr. Strange walks you right through the process. The hardest part is choosing a topic...p.s. you must use at least 4 types of questions from the list i.e. multiple choice etc