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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Links to Student Blogs Now Posted

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There is now a link to the Blogs for this semester. It is found in the smaller column to the right. Check to make sure the link to your blog works. If it does not, make sure you used the required URL that is constructed by combining (no spaces) your last name your first name edm310 Blogger adds the last part which is

If you are still unable to get your link to work after checking these two items, send me an email so we can correct the problem..

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  1. Often the 310 class comments on my blog at - and I love the comments. I do hope you learn something from my practice. I did want to let you know I've moved to a new domain at so you won't find any new posts on the old site (making it quite boring!) I just wrote a new post all about blogging with students that you might find interesting:
    Jen Deyenberg