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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Don't Know. Let's Find Out.

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When you have a question, look it up. That's the wonderful advantage of living in a world when almost all information is available at all times and in all places. (I borrow that phrase for the book Gutenberg II published in 1978 and the prediction of the authors that all information would be in all places at all times by 2000. They were a bit off in the timing, but correct in the prediction. And they were talking only about text.)

I have read many posts in which a student raises a question but does not take the next step to find out. As teachers we need to set an example and be learners as well. Here is one example of what I mean. (There are many other students who could also serve as examples, but I have selected this example because I just encountered it.)

In her post on The Virtual Choir, Laura Ashley Butler liked the choir but added "...I just think that the sounds and voices may have been altered and edited. I would like to hear what the video would sound like raw." That made me ask myself "How was it done?" So I Googled Virtual Choir and the second link down was The Virtual Choir: How We Did It. It is very interesting. Next semester it will be part of the assignment if I continue to use The Virtual Choir.

So read and listen to this "answer" to the question that Laura Ashley's post raised in my mind. Take away from this that we all should model the behavior of asking questions and then searching for answers!

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