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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Revised Instructions for Embedding Google Tour in Blog

Google Earth

Google Project
1. Create A Trip
a. In the Places section, click on My Places and then Create and Name a Folder for your trip (Add...Folder) It will be in the Places section. Click on your folder
b. Follow the steps as set forth on this web page to create placemarks. These are stops along your trip. Zoom in or out, add information, tilt, etc. If the placemark you create does not go into your folder for your trip, drag it into your folder. Continue making and adjusting placemarks.
c. After you have created all of your placemarks, they are in the correct order, and you have finished your trip, make it into a playable trip by
1) Clicking on your trip folder
2) Click on the folder at the bottom right of the Places section. The trip controller will come up.
a) Click the record (red) button
b) Click the audio button to record audio. Caution. I have been unable to record audio.
c) Your Tour now appears (a movie camera icon next to its name) in the places section
d) Click on this tour
e) File...Save...Save Place as... add name, select location where it will be saved, and click SAVE
f) Your .kmz file will now be on your hard drive.
2. Upload Your .kmz File to a Web Page. You will create a web page using Google Sites. It is free. Once you have create a page you will store your .kmz file on that page which means that you will have a URL to use in your EMBED code which is Step 3 below.
a. Log into Google
 b. Click on more
c. Click on Sites (It takes you to Google Sites – Google’s Web Page Creator)
d. Click on Create new site
e. Use the Blank Template for now, type in a name for your website. Example: John Smith EDM 310 Webpage.  (Notice it shows your sites URL as you put in a name)
f. Type in security letters as shown and click Create site.  It should take you to the homepage of the website you have just created.
g. Go to the top right of the page, click on Create page
h. Select File Cabinet
i. Type in a name. Example: EDM 310 Files
j. Click Create page
k. Click Add file
l. Click Browse under your computer
m. Find the .kmz file for your tour
n. Click Upload. (Your file will show up with the word Download below it)
o. Right-click on Download (Control click on a Mac) (
p. Click on Properties Works on PC System 7 at least)You may have to email the link to yourself (or copy it from the email form) if you are working on some PC systems older than 7 or on a Mac.
q. Copy the URL Use this URL as a link in your post if you have trouble with Google Earth saying "Unable to Load .kml file)
r. Click OK
3. Use the Embed Tour Gadget to create code to place in Blogger
a. Go HERE
b. Click on Use theEmbed Tour gadget and Read the instructions
c. Click on here near the top of this section to go to the Embed Tour gadget Here also works here.
d. Fill in the Gadget settings
e. Paste the URL of your .kmz file in the KML URL area
f. Check Autoplay tour
g. Check anything else that is necessary
h. Leave Show terrain checked
i. Click Get the Code
j. Paste the code in a Blogger post.
k. Publish your post and view your blog
l. Try it to make sure it works.
m. If it does not work, make sure you have followed these instructions.
n. If after checking what you did it still does not work, contact Dr. Strange or Mr. Tashbin If all else fails (or in addition to all else), in your post include a link to your .kmz file (tour).

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