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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Deadlines

Although I don't think it is a good thing to do, I will extend the deadlines for the following projects, all of which must be included in your blog, to Friday April 30 at 5 pm.
Project 5 Survey
Project 6 Repot on Skype use
Project 7 Voicethread or Vocaroo
Project 8 Teach Someone Using Technology
Project 10 Timetoast Timeline
Project 12 Google Earth
Project 15 Interview

Due Dates Not Changed
Project 11 Professional Blog May 2
Project 14 Substantive Presentation - Present in Class Week Starting April 19

Created on my iPad


  1. How is the ipad working out??

  2. I love it. Very fast. Fantastic battery life. Natural to use. Can work anywhere. This is from my car (my wife is driving) between Montgomery and Atlanta using mi fi. An entirely new device.

  3. What a fantastic course you guys are doing! I know that deadlines ae tight and there are probably a few frazzled students but this digital immigrant is so jealous! I have had to self teach myself with what seems like your curriculum. If I hadn't made an effort to do so, the kids in my class would still be learning the way I was learning. This is a very lucky generation that can look forward to teachers such as yourselves. I know your comments for classes finishes this week and unfortunately, we are on term break... Having said that, we will be using voice thread next week to reflect on the first quarter of our 2010 learning. If anyone would like to leave a comment then, it would be warmly recieved.

    All the best with your learning (and your i-pad Dr Strange)!


  4. So the Ipad is a winner then? I have to come see before I plunge in...