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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TT 2 Presentations and Class Cancelled


Due to the possibility of severe weather this afternoon and since Baldwin and Mobile schools are closed, the Tuesday/Thursday class at 2:00 today has been cancelled.

Here is what must be done with the final projects:


Post with link to Prezi must be on all group member blogs by 2:00 today.


The iBook Author file from the Mac on which you worked must be put on a special flash drive that the Lab Attendant will have. You must put your iBook (one member from each group) on the special flash drive no later than 4 pm THURSDAY. The Lab is not staffed at all times on Wednesday but I expect that a Lab Attendant will be there at most hours since Jacey-Blair will be available to cover some of the open hours. I will be at school by 11:00 Wednesday but will be in meetings part of that time. Go to the Professional Studies Office in the College of Education Building (ask where it is if you do not know) and the secretaries will find me. Check the Lab first, but find me if necessary on Wednesday. On Thursday go straight to the Lab between 9 and 5.

All members of a group must post an image of some part of your iBook on your blog with a post that briefly summarizes your iBook.


If you have not been checked for Foliotek you must have that done by 3pm Wednesday.

Classes Wednesday

All classes Wednesday WILL be held as usual
and presentations will occur at those classes.

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