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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Clarification of Blog Post #12 Instructions

Request for clarification

Aaron Ferguson and Allie Padgett have raised questions about Blog Post #12. Consequently I have tried to clarify what I want you to do for Blog Post #12.

Here are my revised instructions (not including the list of places to start) for Blog Post 12 Due 4/13 Changed to 4/17. Consult the entire assignment on Version 7 of the Blog Post Instructions which can now be accessed through the Checklist Master or the Instruction manual accessible through the Class Blog. Be sure you are using Version 7 of the Blog Post Assignments. Since I have created some confusion I will accept Blog Post #12 through one week from today (by midnight Thursday April 17). No other due dates are changed by this however.

Clarification added 4/10/14

What assistive technologies are available to you as a teacher? Select a few and discuss how they may be useful to you.

You can find the applicable standards yourself.

Here are some places to start. Divide them among the group. If your group is non-functioning, start with a few of the following. The key phrases from the original assignment is this: Additional research will be required from all participants. These are only to get you started. You will need to cite your sources in your posts. In other words, I want independent research to answer the driving question and I want to know where you got the information you use in your post so I can think about adding it as "starter material" next semester.

You can present your findings in any way you desire: written work, a movie, a Google slide presentation. Embed you final project in your own blog. The product can be done individually, by your group, or by a portion of the group with other members doing the work independently or in a separate sub-group. The important thing is to make clear who participated in the product you embed on your blog.

Thanks Aaron and Allie for seeking a clarification. I hope this does the trick!

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