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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

EDM310 Student: "I'm Confused"

I'm confused.

So am I.

I have had several emails and at least one post to the EDM310 Facebook Page expressing confusion about the assignments for projects 13, 14, 15.

I am having trouble understanding the confusion. You create a lesson plan for your class's age group that addresses some specific ACCRS standards which you must specify. The lesson has to be a project. It must involve the use of technology. You can assume that there is at least one computer/iPad for every 4 kids. Since we cannot use iCurio or DiscoveryEd this semester, I announced in class that you would use the Internet in general. But you must curate it. That means you must select specific things to search for or provide multiple choices of links for kids to use. In high school you may not need to vet the links. You will make that determination.

You provide your lesson plan to EDM310 (instead of your principal) using either Buck Institute worksheets, any materials in provided by Markham on his website, or any plan documents that you devise which cover at least the same categories that the materials of Buck Institute or Markham cover or which add information which you think is necessary fior understanding your plan which the forms you ay choose to use do not call for. Since Markham works for The Buck Institute his materials are heavily influenced by (or are the same as) the Buck Institute materials.

These forms are useful. They are not the product, however. They merely provide a way for you to communicate you plan to others and should help you have a more complete plan than you might otherwise have. If you can improve upon them, feel free to do so. Don't forget that a plan may require a rubric as well. If you use a rubric it may be associated with your plan by using a link (depending on which avenue you take in creating a rubric).

I will repeat these "clarifications" on the Class Blog. If you can better enlighten me about the confusions you have I might be able to do a better job of explaining the project you are to do for EDM310. What I have written here is what I say in the Project Instructions. If you were confused by the original you will probably still be confused since I have said the same thing here.

Help me understand the confusion. I will then clarify it if I can.

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