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Monday, July 8, 2013

Blog Post #15 Instructions Now Available


Here are the instructions for Blog Post #15 due 7/17 (Corrected date). I will publish a revised Bolg Post assignments sometime tomorrow but I want to make this assignment available before then.

Blog Post 15 Due 7/17

Collaborative Assignments

In Collaborative Blog Post Assignments, there may be one or more assignments for everyone to do. The rest are to be divided among the members of the group. Each member of the group prepares their post in a Google Doc which is shared to edit with the other members of the group and with

Once a student has completed their post, they ask the other members of the group to critique it using the EDM310 Rubric Form (found in your Google Docs after Unit 2). They then revise their post. Then combine all the finished and revised posts into a single post on your blog. Your post should be on top. The other group members' post below yours. Each must be headed by a bold header indicating the primary author of the post that follows.

If there is a disagreement among the members of a group as to interpretation, meaning, implications or conclusions, the dissenting member should write a minority report clearly indicating what their disagreement is and the arguments they make supporting their minority position.

These instructions are to be followed for all Collaborative Assignments (Blog Posts 2, 4, 7, 9, 12, 13 and 15).

All members of the group must read or watch all of the assigned materials. Otherwise an appropriate critique is impossible.

There are many different ways in which you can communicate your findings/results/commentary to an audience using many media tools: text; audio; video; pictures; music; specialized programs, etc. You are encouraged to use different presentation techniques. Try not to use a method more than twice in the seven collaborative assignments.

What can you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps? Everybody do 1 and 2. Divide 3, 4 and 5 as you wish unless I have notify you otherwise by email.

1. iCurio (8:08)

2. Discovery Education (4:33)

3. The Anthony - Strange list of Tips for Teachers Part 1 (12:59)

4. Don't Teach Tech - Use It (8:49)

5. It’s Hard Work: A Day in the Life of a 3rd Grade Teacher (9:14)


  1. Hey,
    I noticed for blog post 15 it says it is due 7/15 but underneath that it says it is due 7/17. Which is correct?
    Thank you,
    Kaitlyn Parker