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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Classes Cancelled This Entire Week; Lab Closed Today and Wednesday - maybe More

Change ahead

Except for the Monday class which met last night, I have cancelled ALL classes for the rest of this week.

A new Master Calendar with new due dates will be issued later this week through your Google Docs. ALL classes next week (Tuesday 9/2 through Thursday 9/6) will be MANDATORY Attendance classes. Monday is a holiday but the Monday/Wednesday class met yesterday so that works out just fine. Dates for other Mandatory Attendance Classes will change except for Week 16 (the last week of classes). Thanksgiving Week, which had been empty, will get the overflow. You will get a new Master Calendar later this week with all changed dates and instructions on how to throw away your existing calendar and replace it with the new one and how to provide the data we need to check to see that you have done that correctly.

I am unsure about the Lab times this week. I do know that the Lab will be CLOSED today Tuesday August 28 and Wednesday August 29.

You may work ahead to the extent possible. Emails, calls, etc will be answered. It is excellent to get and stay ahead in EDM310.

Certain students still do not have some of their mechanical settings correct in Blogger. Others need to make other adjustments. Watch for Gmail instructions should we decide to send them out individually.

Check the Class Blog every day for new information.

C4T assignments may be published today. If so, you can get started on them. C4C assignments will NOT be made until classes resume. You will do your first C4C in class.

If you have any questions send a Gmail to EDM310 Help of call the Google EDM310 help line or call me personally.

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